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A Taste of Honey Co.

Long Beach, CA

(424) 328 1033


Floral Wedding & Event Contract


Any kind of payment can be accepted but all has to be paid 15 days prior to the wedding date.

Payment & Terms:

Payments may be paid in cash or check. We can accept credit cards payments through Square Point of Sale or Venmo, however some fees may apply.

Balance due must be paid in full 15 days prior to the wedding date.

If payment is not made in full, flowers will not be ordered and this agreement is no longer valid.


We reserve the right to make substitutions in the event the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your wedding. In such an event, the integrity of the proposed color scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used. You will be notified of any adjustments.


Any changes can be made up to 3 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Additional purchases will be invoiced at the time of the order. Additions will be accepted 16 days prior to the wedding date, no guarantee is given of the same flowers, but color and style will be matched as close as possible.


There are no refunds for cancellations of individual items after contract is signed.

Our Promise to You:

“Taste of Honey Co.” will provide all the services specified in your wedding proposal, and work with you if any adjustments need to be made. We guarantee our presence at the places and times specified.

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