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Taste of Honey is a floral design studio based in Long Beach, California, but we love to travel worldwide. We provide high end floral for weddings & events. Love unique color palettes and different textures. Taste of Honey is an open book, open to your ideas and thoughts…if not we would love to share ours. We focus on a wild loose garden design, inspired by the beauty of nature and bring the natural shape of a flower and let it do its work!

Why “Taste of Honey” well honestly all it took was an afternoon of Jazz to come across this song called “A Taste of Honey” by Paul Desmond, it was perfect, I had very much enjoyed it. I had finally found the name I’ve been looking for.


About the designer elisa ceron

elisa ceron

photo by @bakersmanllc


My name is Elisa creator & owner of Taste of Honey which was first known as Flourished Flowers in 2016. I’m a 23-year-old who has a passion for art, always have always will. I started off with drawing in my high school years & then jumped over to photography but I wasn’t quite satisfied just yet.

I knew being a florist was meant for me but I didn’t quite know that until about four years ago. I started working at my first ever flower shop and knew absolutely nothing about it, besides the fact that I loved flowers. Working here was so fun for me, a fun I thought I could never have during a “job”, remembering flower names, meeting such absolutely gorgeous flowers, such as “Sweet Peas” which I had never seen in my life! Of course I wanted more… I wanted to be a designer. It didn’t take me quite long to figure out i wanted to design, I wanted to combine unique colors and different textures. I needed to explore more, so I did.

Being the youngest duckling in the family meant being a lot on my own and soon enough I found a big interest in movies. I loved all kinds of movies but LOVE movies were my go-to as a little girl and what is the one thing that a little girl dreams about after watching these movies… Falling in love with the right boy. Growing up made me realize that romantic movies were obviously a bit too much and not all so true but I still believed in love. I’m here now after so many years connecting the dots that this job is my dream job after all. Providing the beauty of nature combined with the beauty of love, sounds perfect to me. Weddings are a dream to me and flowers are the cherry on top. Cheers to many happily ever after’s!



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I love everything that has to do with collaborating with people. I believe it’s a huge opportunity to meet so much more new friends who are passionate about their business and have such creativity and big mindsets. We are open to hear any ideas from any vendors and look forward to working together and creating something beautiful!